New capture solution for major US Accounting Firm causing minimal issues for iManage users

Accountancy is a virtual industry, but there is still a paper component and a need to transfer vital documents and emails from one system to another, so a scanning solution is a key element of the whole operation. With over 80 offices and 9,000 staff across the United States, our client is one of the largest accounting/ taxation firms in the US. They have been providing assurance, accounting, tax, business consulting and wealth management services to their clients for nearly 100 years and continue to grow.

EzeScan helps Donn & Co cut scanning time down by more than half!

Sharon Petford, partner at Donn & Co. says scanning solution Post Partner, powered by EzeScan and Brother has saved the firm around 50% of time spent scanning documents for case work. When someone thinks of a traditional high street law firm, what is often pictured isn’t far from the environment found in the 1999 film Office Space, except with more paper. Over the last couple of years, law firms big and small have been making moves to reduce paper usage and the manual tasks that surround them. Donn & Co has recently taken on a few initiatives to change the way it works - making it more digitally-enabled. Sharon Petford, partner at the firm, says it’s important to create efficiencies and keep up with the times.

EzeScan works with FootAnstey to re-shape the role paper plays in the organisation.

Foot Anstey is one of the largest regional law firms in the South West. The firm has been collaborating with an EzeScan partner ITEC on an initiative to develop a digital mailroom. Deregulation has opened up the legal sector to increased competition. Responding to this kind of seismic change is all about agility - and paper hampers agility. It encourages people to become wedded to a desk near to where their documents are filed. It costs money to store paper and time to retrieve documents.

Centralised capture keeps the Followmont fleet on the move

“Since the rollout of EzeScan Central OCR we have managed to save on average 2-3 hours per location on document processing, freeing up resources. EzeScan has improved our standard reporting and the Proof of Delivery documents are in the system faster. This improves our invoicing turnaround times and directly decreases our debtor days.“As always through testing phases, we needed to iron out any issues, fortunately for us EzeScan were always on hand to help with whatever issues we might have encountered or changes needed, allowing the application to work and fit in with our internal process."

City of Darebin tames email with EzeScan Profiler!

The City of Darebin, a local government area in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, has implemented a new capture solution from EzeScan which is integrated with its Local Government property management system and chosen ECM. After working with a previous capture system that did not deliver the required functionality, the local government authority with over 1300 staff made the switch to EzeScan, with it’s out of the box integrations for both ECM and property management system a major attraction.

EzeScan helps Côte Restaurants to improve invoice processing efficiency!

The central finance department is located in central London and on a daily basis receive huge volumes of invoices from the various restaurant locations to process. These arrive by a variety of different methods, many of them via the post. This meant not only did they often get lost, but also the process was very slow, meaning that they were often a week behind. They all required processing manually which was time consuming and labour intensive and invoices could sometimes get lost or damaged. So Côte needed an automated solution to initially improve efficiency and ultimately save them time and money.

When it hits the scan....

Claire Henry, records manager at Elkington and Fife talks to Legal Practice Management magazine about her experience of working with EzeScan to create an online filing system to help deliver competitive benefits to clients. Claire was tasked with reviewing the systems and processes at Elkington and Fife and discovered that one of their biggest outlays was physical file storage and by getting rid of it they could save £40,000 a year. The solution from EzeScan offered a fast return on investment and the company have already saved £20,000 in the first year.